Design and Production Fees

Design fees are standard design business practices & services that are in line within the design industry. A standard time/rate is established and clients are informed when and if the work can be completed within this timeframe. When designers and clients communicate via email, they agree that changes may occur and that a client may need to allow more time for the completion of the job and thus purchase more design time online.

These design fees that are charged to clients may include the following:


• Time/Rate
• Budgeting

• Meetings
• Research

• Concept Development

• Thumbnails, Roughs

• Comp Preparation

• Type Design
• Type Specifications

• Layout

• Color Selections

• Revisions
• Rush Fee

• Paperwork 
(final bill calculations: invoices; phone time)
• and more.

Important: Please email us your requirements and files.

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